Tribhuvan University
The Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report
ISSN 2392-411X

Year : 2001, Volume : 19, Number : 1 and 2

  1. Study of Some Property of Density Topology
    By M.P. Chaudhary
  2. A History of Fixed Point Theorems
    By R.P. Pant, K. Jha and A.B. Lohani
  3. On the Cauchy Problem For a Sobolev Type System in Hydrodynamics of Rotating Fluid with Heat Transfer
    By Dal Bahadur Adhikary
  4. A Note On Stokes Drag On Axi-symmetric bodies: A New Approach
    By Deepak Kumar Srivastava
  5. A Note On The Derivation of A Class of Bilateral Generating Function For The Konhauser Polynomials By Lie Group Theoretic Method
    By Biswajit Kar
  6. Structure of Ultradistribufion
    By K.K. Shrestha
  7. Some Operation-Transform Formulas For Sμ-Transform
    By Dr. M.M.P. Singh
  8. Application in Bio-Mathematics of Hypergeometrid Type
    By B.R. Sharma
  9. On CR-Submanifolds Of A Trans Para Sasakian Manifolds
    By Latika Bhatt and K.K. Dube
  10. On a structure defined by a tensor field ƒ (≠ 0) of type (1,1) satisfying ( ƒ2v+3 + λ2ƒ ) ( ƒ2v+3 + μ2ƒ ) = 0
    By Mohd. Nazrul Islam Khan
  11. Certain Sequence Spaces and Matrix Transformations From Sl(p) to c and C.
    By Shailendra Kumar Mishra and Kamal Mani Baral
  12. Origin of Certarin Generating Functions of The Charlier polynomial Cm(a ; x) from The View Point of Lie-Algebra
    By G.K. Panja and D.K. Basu
  13. A multi-Component Repairable System Rates With Spares and State-sependent Rates
    By M. Jain and K.P.S. Baghel
  14. Unbiased Estimation of The Population Variance Usipg Midzuno-Sen Type Sampling Scheme
    By M.C. Agrawal and A.B. Sthapit
  15. Some Models Reflccting and Projecting Nepal's Fertility Scene*
    By De. Jyoti U. Devkota